Polish language

It is widely known that the Polish dialect is not the easiest in the world. More challenging is perhaps the only Chinese and French. What makes the biggest trouble for foreigners? Certainly pronouncing specific letters. And there are a a great deal of our alphabet, for example , cz, sz, dz, dju, dź, ź, ć, ś. Utter ą, ę, it is not easy. The problem for many foreigners is also a variant of the cases. What is there anyway to hide especially much less well educated Poles language frequently make mistakes in this area. Short training course in Polish certainly not enough to master our language. But there is no secret that in our country, home to many and also the. What sometimes surprising for us, these people were able to master our language almost perfectly. Naturally, not all of it works. Some, despite many years of residence in Poland is still doing a lot of language errors. So it is not so difficult to realize that they are foreigners. But perhaps the most important is that you can communicate with that person. Even many mistakes can be forgiven. All of us, Poles, moreover, we become aware of the fact that our language must not be the easiest. We admire so foreigners who speak perfectly our language. We go to great praise then kind: O how well you speak Polish. Long have you been living in Poland? Surely everyone who hears these words is nice. Poles in general are among the nations friendly sufficient for foreigners. Let us hope that long this will not change.

See: polish language course.

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